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Emma Forster


Business Manager

“I joined New Chapter after a year out travelling following graduation. I was part of the team that formed the London office in 2010, and although having all the potential stresses of relocating to the Big Smoke, embarking on my first ‘real job’ and the pressure of a new venture for the company, I didn’t find any of it daunting or stressful! This was down to the training that made me feel totally at ease; the work hard-play hard environment that was so obvious even on my first day; the evidence that if you worked hard, you would succeed, and of course the people!

The best thing about the business is the morale that goes into everything we do – every incentive is built with everyone in mind – we have company targets and everyone benefits when we hit them. It encourages us to work together, and although we work across two offices, Leeds and London, we are in constant contact. Quarterly incentives keep us close on a social level, which is a great opportunity to let our hair down and celebrate our successes.

As well as the materialistic bonuses that come with working for New Chapter, there are the career development opportunities which are just as rewarding. Each consultant has a career development plan which is bespoke to them, there is a very ‘hands on’ approach to training and development and because everyone is different, so is our training. There is a great balance between feeling supported and guided, and having autonomy. I personally was promoted twice in just under three years, firstly to Senior Consultant after just over a year and almost a year after that to Business Manager. This has come with the added responsibility of managing my own team which is something I have always wanted.

We are constantly being asked ‘what can we do to improve our business?” and our ideas are always taken on board and rolled out. It really makes you feel like you are part of something and that your ideas are valued, rather than being a cog in a machine.. Looking back over the last 3 years at my development and the positive things that have come out of my time at New Chapter, and compared with other friends who started work at the same time, it makes me realise that I couldn’t have found a better place to work!”