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Why You Need To Relocate Immediately

19 October 2017

If you didn’t already know and my job title on here or constant posts about recruiting for jobs hadn’t given it away – I work in recruitment.

We get to speak to people all the time – trying to understand their aspirations in life, what makes them tick – what makes them *them*.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks when filling roles is location – is it commutable?

So I’m going to make the case for relocation. This isn’t going to be a balanced, journalistic look at it. It’s gonna have as much balance as Pavarotti & Kate Moss on a See-Saw.

It Opens Your Eyes

Example: I have no idea why *anyone* still lives in Northampton, Peterborough or Margate. But really that isn’t a reflection on those towns. It’s a reflection on me.

When you relocate to an area, you’ll obviously find out so much about it. A quick google of “The Rich History of Northampton” tells me that by 1831, a third of all blokes there were shoemakers. I love shoes – that’s amazing.

It could have a thriving, independent business community or Western Europe’s premier Ukulele Orchestra and unless you go and try living there, you might never find that out.

It’s A Base to Even More

When you relocate to a new country, it isn’t just that city that becomes your stomping ground.

Two of my best friends have moved to Brunei recently (which seems okay) but they’re now in an amazing position where they’re a short (and cheap) flight away from Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand (thank you google maps).

Or, to keep it domestic - if you’ve moved to Norwich, you have the delights of Ipswich, Bishop Stortford and Kings Lynn right on your doorstep.

It Makes You More Interesting

The most interesting people I ever speak to have a great story behind them. They talk of the time they lived in Kyoto, how they travelled by van down the Pacific Highway or spent time squatting in hostels in Lisbon.

You automatically become more worldly (providing you engage in the community), more open to new cuisines and cultures with more small talk topics than you could possibly ever need. No awkward silences at parties with the people who have lived in different places.

Nothing Great Ever Happened In Your Comfort Zone

Okay – so lying on the sofa and polishing off a pipe of Pringles to yourself sure *feels* great – but as we all know, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

One thing I’ve noticed about people who have reached great heights in their careers: they’ve taken risks.

They’ve relocated for that promotion, moved the family across borders to challenge themselves while pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve relocated in the past.

I'd love to hear from you if you have had the chance and chose against it.

Get in touch.

I mostly focus on interim roles in the food industry now – but we still recruit a hellev alot of permanent ones. One of my favourite things about writing these blogs is trawling through hilarious stock images. I was also going to put a joke in about people from Northampton talking cobblers, but thought it was too obvious.

Thomas Clarke

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