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What are the benefits of using a recruiter?

15 July 2019

What are the benefits of using a recruiter?

Finding the right talent for your business can be a challenging task and finding that perfect career role is not as straight forward as we would think. But luckily for us all, specialist recruiters are on hand with extensive industry knowledge to help businesses find great talent, and individuals find brand new and exciting roles. Whilst using a recruitment agency can be costly, the benefits most certainly outweigh the costs. If you’re a business looking to fill a vacancy, recruiters have an abundance of connections with potential candidates, and will use their expertise to find you the most suitable candidate for the role. Likewise, if you’re seeking your next job, recruiters are in the perfect position to build relationships with employers. They can even persuade a business to create a brand-new role,tailored to you. There are numerous benefits of using a recruiter so have a read about why and how using a recruiter will be beneficial to you…

Businesses seeking talent…

Firstly, recruiters have the skills to seek out the very top talent. Their databases contain information of hundreds and hundreds of potential candidates. Your recruiter will sift through this information and select candidates suited to your business. They will consider factors like experience and achievements but will also assess whether candidates are the right cultural fit for your business. Here at New Chapter we understand how important this is for employers. Recruiters also have the added advantage of discussing your role with ‘passive’ candidates - candidates that aren’t actively looking, and applying for, a new role. These are the type of candidates that can, in cases, offer the most skill, but are not available to you if you use internal methods of recruitment. Using a recruiter therefore increases the number of candidates that are aware of your role, bringing in a wider range of interest and skill, finding you the very top talent for your role.

Recruiters also have an extensive amount of knowledge. This includes knowledge about the job market, but also your industry and specialism,no matter how niche your business is. Due to this, they can offer the tools to attract very specific talent to your business. They may recommend changing the job title or salary for your vacancy, to ensure that you fill it with the most qualified talent. They will also guide you through the entire process from start to finish, offering excellent guidance and advice on the very best methods to filling your role. They are essentially your personal advisor or PA for the time that they are working with you and your business.

They also have bags of experience that enables them to screen candidates before they get sent over to you. They do this day in, day out, so will know if a candidate’s experience is suitable or not. These people are true hiring experts, so believe in them and their skills. They know what they’re doing and will save you masses of manpower. They do all the hard work in finding you several excellently selected candidates. This in incredibly cost AND time effective.

Most recruitment businesses will have a team dedicated to advertising your roles. They have resources devoted to this and will use the latest industry tools and trends. This could be via social media platforms, on their website and in company newsletters. Often, they will have an individual or team dedicated to creating exciting pieces of content to advertise your role. This is an incredibly valuable aspect of the package offered to you by recruiters.

Next time you receive a call from a recruiter, perhaps let them introduce themselves and the candidates they are currently working with.They may have the perfect people on hand to help you re-shuffle teams and complete your business.


If you’re looking for a new role then recruiters will ensure that you reach your full potential. They will measure your skills and experience against their current roles to ensure the perfect fit. They will also keep your data on hand for any future roles that come up and will ensure that you receive a competitive salary and benefits based on their excellent knowledge of the job market. Recruiters are on hand to offer advice throughout the entire application -process. As a business with a candidate-centric a approach, we have plenty of great tips if you’re seeking a new role – find them on our LinkedIn page. At New Chapter, our consultants have a genuine interest in your happiness at work, therefore will do everything they can to help you fulfil your career goals…

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