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Top Tips For Developing A Values - Based Employer Brand Experience

04 April 2014

Recruit people who reflect your values 

From recruitment advertising, assessment and induction, a values driven approach should inform who you attract, and who you employ. By recruiting people who already embody the values of the company, a consistent culture will ultimately evolve

Ensure that everyday management reinforce the employment brand 

Inconsistency is the surest way to ensure that the employment brand promise does not match experience. Unless Managers are encouraged, motivated and rewarded to deliver a consistent experience employees will lose faith in the brand 

Ensure that values are embedded into performance and appraisal systems

As recruiters we often see companies offer great rewards for individuals who meet sales or operational targets. Rarely do we see companies who appraise and reward people on the core values of the business

Ensure that the working environment is reflective of the employment brand values

The working environment is important - if collaboration is a critical value within an organisation, they should ask how their working environment encourages and rewards collaboration. Each organisational value should be reflected in the working environment and hence working style of the business

Ensure that senior leadership set the ultimate example

The role of senior leadership is critical to the success of reinforcing the credibility and "spirit" of the employment brand. The style with which leaders communicate, as well as their actions and behaviour plays a critical role in shaping employees' perception of a business

Create a uniform approach to internal communication

All internal communication should be regarded as employer brand communication. It's usual for departments to "do their own thing" and each communicate with the wider business in their own style, but centrally coordinated internal communications will deliver a coherent message that delivers the most important messages in a style that consistently reflects the values and personality of the business 

Make CSR a part of your everyday business strategy

The role of corporate responsibility on the employee community is well publicised and documented. Multiple studies have found a strong correlation between community involvement and employee morale, motivation and engagement 

Don't be afraid to test how you're doing, and adjust your approach accordingly

Annual employee surveys that test how well the business is doing against the employment brand proposition are essential to ensure that companies continually analyse and adjust how they're doing

Look after your external reputation and remember it's not just based on good performance

Companies who are successful are naturally regarded as great places to work. But organisations should remember that external reputations are built on more than just great performance. By ensuring that interaction with all stakeholders of your business - whether employees, clients, suppliers - reflects the same high standards, reputations will be enhanced

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