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Top Low/No Alcohol Brands

19 August 2019

Our low/no alcohol brands

Thanks to health-conscious shoppers, low and no-alcoholbrands are well and truly on the rise. In the last year alone, £43 million wasspent on no and low alcohol beers, a total increase of 28% since last year. Thelow and no-alcohol market is still expanding, with spirits emerging that arealco-free.

Our Drinks team are always on top of the latest industrytrends, so we asked Divisional Manager Emma Forster for her favouriteno and low-alcohol brands. Here they are...

1. Seedlip

Category creators and all-round excellent brand. Founded in2014, the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic drinks brand will help youdecide ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’. This brand offers the highestquality non-alcoholic options in three unique and complex blends. These includeSpice 94, a complex brand of aromatic Jamaican all-spice berry and cardamomdistillates with two barks and a bright citrussy finish. Pair this gin with atonic and a red grapefruit peel and enjoy.

Seedlip’s Grove 42 is a zesty blend of three types of orangeand uplifting spice distillates. This brand recommends serving with a twist oforange peel. Garden 108 is a lovely floral blend of hand-picked peas andhomegrown Hay from founder Ben Brandon’s farm, with traditional herbdistillates. Celebrate the English countryside by serving this drink with atonic and a sugar snap pea to garnish. Mix it up with their make at homecocktails from their Non Alcoholic Cocktail recipe book.

2. Aecorn

      Sister brand to Seedlip, Aecorn Aperitifs comes in second.Guaranteed to increase enjoyment of food, this drink is made from 100% Englishgrown Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Meunier grapes. Mixed with herbs, roots andbitter botanicals, this drink is perfect to start any event where food andfriends are present.

3. Everleaf

Everleaf’snon-alcoholic bittersweet aperitif is the perfect spritz for any occasion.Founded by conservation biologist and bartender, the real aim behind thissustainability-conscious brand is to bring people together and givenon-drinkers a choice. The whole process of developing this drink took over ayear to ensure a silky-smooth texture and excellent flavour. Botanical extractsand distillates include vanilla and saffron, gentian and iris, and vetiver andorange blossom for a rich, bitter and fresh taste.

4. Lucky Saint

This brand is on a mission to reward those that don’t drinkwith the beer they deserve. Like nothing else on the market, this brand isfocussed on great-tasting beer with low alco content and precision brewing.They source great ingredients, including the highest quality malted barley, anduse a crisp spring water from Bavaria. Lucky Saint currently offer a 0.5%unfiltered larger, with two other products currently in the pipeline.

You can get your hands on them here

5. Hayman’s

This well-known gin brand has released a low alcohol brandcalled ‘Small Gin’. This game-changing gin contains only 0.2 units of alcohol,but 100% of the taste of a great tasting gin. In fact, this gin is so rich inflavour that you only need 5ml to create a beautifully balanced G&T, and at40 servings per pocket sized bottle for £26, this brand is certainly worth yourinvestment. Emma reassures us that this brand actually tastes like gin so takea look at their website for yourself...

6. Monte Rosso

Monte Rosso Aperitivo is a lightly sparkling drink inspired by the classic ItalianAperitivo. With bittersweet notes of wild mountain cranberry and rowanberry,fragrant botanicals, and extracts of summer fruits and citrus, this brand isall about Italian sophistication. Experience a taste of Italy with this elegantAperitivo.

7. Nosecco

With prosecco continuing to be a top go-to tipple in the UK,this brand just had to make our top 10. This fizz is full of fruity and floralaromas and contains 30% less calories than your usual glass of prosecco. So, ifyou’re celebrating but are off the booze, this drink is perfect.

8. Belvoir

Similar to a great tasting wine, just without the hangover.We are loving Belvoir’s latest addition to their naturally lovely drinks. Belvoirhave developed three great tasting alco-free wines: a Shiraz, a Chardonnay anda Rose, each with a sophisticated taste and aroma. This brand used 100% naturalingredients AND no added sugar. Try it foryourself

9. Borrago

With all the theatre of a traditional cocktail, this brandhas created a non-alcoholic alternative for sober occasion goers. Offering areal and delicious alco-free choice, Borrrago drinks are even low in sugar andcalories. Founder Tom Tuke-Hastings began this venture in his shed, based onthe concept of a non-childish, good, if not better than alcohol drink. Namedafter the small, pretty, edible Borage flower, this tipple can be purchasedfrom their online store for just £19.99.

10. M&S Alcohol Free Sparkling BotanicalG&T

Marks and Sparks offers this pre-mixed alco-free G&T and according to thepopular high-quality retailer, ‘being the designated driver has never tasted sogood’. Blended by Hamish Martin, head gardener at The Old Curiosity Distilleryin Edinburgh, this drink is made with a mixture of botanicals. Perfectlypre-mixed, M&S recommends pouring over ice and serving with your favouritegarnish.

If you’re banishing the booze, we hope this has given yousome alco-free inspiration, and if you’re seeking your next role within theDrinks industry, give us a call on 0845 2000 741 for a confidential chat withone of our expert recruiters. Or contact Emma directly…

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