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Top 10 tips - Writing brilliant recruitment advertising.

08 November 2017

Top 10 tips - Writing brilliant recruitment advertising.

If you thought that the digital era was going to herald a new creative dawn in recruitment advertising, then think again. You only have to look at most recruitment adverts to see that the same old clichés are there, but this time online rather than on paper.

Ifyou want to attract people to your business by using advertising then you haveto make it attractive and stand out.

Here’sten ways you can create a zinger.

Be Passionate

If you aren’t passionate about what you do, why do you think anyone else will be? Energy and enthusiasm sells and that is what we are doing - selling the opportunity.

Ditch the clichés

“Amazing/Fantastic/Brilliant (delete where applicable) Opportunity. Yeah, it may well be but these are now clichés that are so over-used that they mean NOTHING anymore.

Sell the WHY

Peopleneed a cause, a reason to get out of bed in the morning. People need to know WHYthey are doing something. The janitor in the restroom didn’t tell Kennedy hewas mopping the floor, he told him he was helping put a man on the moon. Itstarts with WHY as the great Simon Sinek said.

Forget the Job Description

Listingthe job description beyond a few key points and a summary is a waste of time.We are selling opportunity here. Everyone knows the technical aspects of therole, they are already doing it.

AIDA - You ever watch Mad Men?The concept of AIDA has been around since then. Use these rules to make youradvertising work.

Attention - Grab the attention withan image or an headline. Something that will stand out.

Interest - Maintain the interestwith a couple of lines about why this role is important.

Desire - Create desire byselling the opportunity and the remuneration package.

Action - Don’t forget your CALLTO ARMS - make sure you have ALL the ways of getting in touch for this positionprominently posted - email, mobile, twitter handle, Instagram, everything!


Thegreatest recruitment advert ever written was also the most authentic. It waswritten by Shackleton and got over 5000 responses.

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