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Too Young for LinkedIn? - a LinkedIn Guide for Graduates

10 April 2019

In today’s technology obsessed society, even the business world seems ever-consumed by social media and LinkedIn is perhaps the latest product of this. Traditionally, LinkedIn’s demographic hasn’t been particularly suited to graduates and millennials who I would say focus more so on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But with over 5 million members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is well worth getting involved in. 

We’ve all been there… LinkedIn can be confusing. And as a total LinkedIn newbie when I started as an intern, I had absolutely no clue where to begin. It’s safe to say that it took me a while to get to grips with how it all worked… networking, feeds, activity, and all that jazz. So speaking from experience, these easy steps should help you become competent, at the very least, and perhaps if you really try you could become a true LinkedIn expert. 

Step 1. Don’t be afraid to add EVERYONE! 

Making plenty of connections on LinkedIn will help you in many ways. Start with making sure that you have an interesting and focussed homepage to allow you to build on your industry experience and attract and get in contact with the most influential people in the industry. 

When identifying these influential people, consider where you want to be in 3, 5 or even 10 years. Work out what industry or company you see yourself at in the future and search for people in similar positions to where you aim to be. Assess what roles they have held to get to where they are, to work out any potential career routes that will allow you to reach your career destiny. It would also be useful to search for recruiters in that industry to advertise yourself and your skills for future opportunities. 

Step 2. While you are at it - add a note 

If you really want the more senior profiles to pay attention to you, putting in that little bit of extra effort to add a note will really go a long way. You have limited characters so make it punchy and personal. If it’s their career path that inspires you… tell them. Are you wanting to intern with them? Tell them that too. Whatever it is, make sure you let them know. There are over 39 million students and recent graduates on LinkedIn, so make sure that you stand out from the rest with a quirky and direct note. 

Step 3. Stay up to date and relevant 

Remember that list of companies that you would love to work for? Give them a quick search and a follow. Stay in tune with all of their posts, jobs and company updates as well as any new ad campaigns or product ranges. These can be brilliant ice breakers and can be used in emails and messages. Tell them how much you love their new product and guarantee yourself a much warmer response when networking and inquiring about potential roles. 

Step 4. Keep up the momentum 

Quite simply… the more connections you have the better. You will be more visible on feeds and will stand out in the ‘connections you may know’ section. This means that more people will be adding you, therefore more connections with less work. Add new connections in your spare time: I tend to do this on the train to work! But ultimately and most importantly, make them personal. 

Step 5. Mobile apps for the win 

Download the LinkedIn app so you can have all of this at your fingertips. Add people with just one tap and stay up to date with job notifications from the companies you would love to be part of. This will enable you to be proactive in applying for jobs before everyone else does. Be quick, but make sure you personalise every application to fit the role. 

If you are a recent graduate and are new to LinkedIn, we hope these few tips guide you towards becoming a real LinkedIn wizard, and if you’re a recent graduate seeking a role within the FMCG industry… give us a call on 0845 700 241 to speak to one of our expert recruiters.

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