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The Healthy Snacking Revolution: Which Are Our Favourite Brands?

14 February 2020

2019 saw us become a nation of healthy snackers and in response, brands have been busy creating products to satisfy our snacking needs. With a focus on natural ingredients, these brands are delivering snacks that are better for us, and the environment. The rise of healthy snacking last year was marked by a 32% increase in people searching online for ‘high protein snacks’. It's clear... we want a satisfying snack without the high calorific content that comes with a delicious snack. We think that these brands are nailing it...

1.      5th Season

5th Season’s bite sized brilliance pure fruit bites are the perfect way to enjoy a fruit snack. Available in a variety of flavours (with more yet to come), these guys use their know-how and the juiciest fruit to create the perfect healthy fruit snack. These 100% pure fruit bites are high in fibre with no added sugar and they retain over 90% of the nutritional value of fruit. They’re also suitable for vegans. What’s not to like?

2.      Clif Bar

Born on a bike, kitchen crafted, and family and employee owned. Clif Bar are making things better with their great tasting energy products. These guys make organic, plant-based energy foods to help energise any moment, big or small. With over one billion pounds of organic ingredients used, Clif Bar are championing the power of organic, sustainable food because what’s good for the planet is good for us all. They currently offer the Clif range and with energy bars, protein bars, whey bars, energy granola, energy chews, energy gel shots, endurance bite cubes and a hydration drink mix. As you can see, the variety is huge! Their Luna range has been fueling women for over two decades and offers deliciously nutritious energy and protein bars to help women turn someday into today. Clif kids are providing children with energy to fuel the imagination and to help kids keep going growing and exploring. This range includes protein and energy bars, and fruit flavoured snacks.

3.      Nature Valley

Their food philosophy goes a bit like this… what you put in you get out. So, this brand is urging us to rely on them for real energy, wherever and whenever we need it. They use the best ingredients to create energy you can depend on and make sure to leave out all the bad bits… artificial colours and flavours included. They believe that a positive mood can take you to the next level, so create some exciting flavour combinations that are bound to stimulate a mood boost. These guys aren’t called ‘nature’ for the fun of it, they’ve teamed up with nature for some of their tastiest ingredients… oats, honey and peanuts. They offer a huge variety of cereal and protein bars to keep you energised all day, every day.

4.      Bear Pure Fruit

These bear nibbles are a scrummy way to enjoy your fruit and veg. They’re on a mission to make healthy easier, and tastier. They’re taking a big bite out of bad snacking habits, with their pure fruit snacks with no added nonsense. They work directly with their farmers to ensure high quality and production standards. They pick their fruit when it is perfectly in season and bake it at low temperatures to make sure to that it retains the good bits. Their grrrreat snacks include fruit yoyos, paws, claws and alphabites, each in a huge array of flavours, making sure that there’s something for all ages!

5.      Fibre One

These irresistible snacks are only 90 calories per bar and are so full of flavour that the brand guarantees us that they will hit the spot. Their brownies are baked naturally with 5 grams of fibre, which is 30% more than the usual brownie. They create cake squares, cake bars and popcorn bars and the limited-edition birthday cake square is TO DIE FOR. So, grab yourself a bar, sit back, take a moment and treat yourself.

6.      Propercorn

Guilt free popcorn done properly. Launched in 2011, this independent business in providing the world with proper popcorn. They’re obsessed with creating the tastiest snacks around and never compromise on health. They believe in doing things properly, for their team, the planet, and the people within it. They’re proactive, optimistic and think differently in the hope that they make the planet a happier, healthier place for us all to live. Big ambitions for a popcorn business, but we think they’ve got it covered. They’re rooted in creating a great space for their people to work, are focused on leaving a positive footprint in the community and are committed to making a promise to the world by understanding how their actions impact the environment and how they can minimise their footprint on the world’s resources. They create Propercorn popcorn, Propercorn popcorn for kids, Properchips (lentil chips) and microwavable Propercorn in different flavours so that there’s something for everyone.

7.      Rude Health

These guy’s motto is that ‘with good food inside you, you can do just about anything’ and we’re starting to believe them. Their founders set out to create the world’s most enjoyable muesli. And as well as creating a delicious product, they created a pretty healthy one too. And 15 years later, we still can’t get enough of RH’s wide range of products: milk alternatives, muesli, granola, porridge cereals snacks AND flours. Their website is host to a whole range of recipe inspo and their Fulham based café will satisfy your hunger and feed your soul. It’s worth a visit if you ask us!

8.      Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella is all about providing the resources to help you live better and make vegetables cool. This brand started as a personal blog, and has grown into an app, deli, collection of recipe books, series of podcasts, a range of plant-based food products. They create breakfast products, ready made meals and snacks that are ALL plant-based and gluten-free. Products include muesli, granola, crackers, caramel cups and butter balls to name just a few. This brand is more than a producer of great tasting, healthy products, Deliciously Ella have created a platform where people can learn more and share experiences about diet and lifestyle.

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