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Stay Active Despite Your Desk Job...

07 August 2019

The benefits of staying active are endless. Staying activecan not only reduce the risk of a heart attack and diabetes, its healthbenefits go as far as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Exerciseproduces endorphins and endorphins are great for the mind as they reduce stressand lift mood. Health professionals and researchers recommend a minimum of30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most (if not all) days.

We understand that office life makes it difficult to stayactive as being glued to your desk makes it difficult to get fit throughoutthe day and many of us are too tired to visit the gym when we get home from along day at work. But sitting down for such long periods of time has beenlinked to obesity and diabetes, and researchers have suggested that it slows downmetabolism (the body’s means of regulating blood pressure, sugar levels and fatbreakdown) Staying active is a must for improved mental and physical health, sohow can you stay active whilst working a desk job?

      Cycle/walk to work

Cycling or walking to work is the perfect way to fitexercise in and around your workday. Whilst it may increase your commutingtime, cycling means you can skip traffic jams and busy roads. It improvescardio-vascular and aerobic fitness and is proven to make you feel happier atwork. Cycling to work saves you money and even reduces harmful effects on theenvironment. What isn’t to like about that?

         Move more

Staying active during the day is most certainly a challenge,but there are a few ways of combating the low mood that comes with sittingdown all day. Firstly, take the stairs, not the lift. Using the stairs burnscalories and increases your heart rate, increasing your overall activity levels.Parking your car further away will increase the distance it takes you to walkto work, further increasing your daily activity.

        Stand up regularly

Make the effort to stand up more. Stand at the printer ormake more cuppas for yourself. Perhaps you could even walk around when makingcalls. These are all simple ways to get the blood flowing and raise your heartrate. It also stretches muscles and clears the mind.

        Eat well

Eating well increases energy levels which makes it easier tostay active throughout the day. Increasing your fruit, veg and protein intakeis a great way to up your vitamin levels, and energy levels. This makes for abetter mood and increases mental and physical productivity.

        Get active on your lunch

Stop being a desk potato and use your lunch break to getactive. On average, we spend 8-10 hours a day at our desks so go for a quickwalk or run, or visit the nearest gym for a quick fitness session. Working outon your lunch break increases performance by 15% and reduces that post-lunchslump. This is why we offer gym lunches to all of our teams.

If you would love to live in a world where making time foryourself with gym lunches is the norm, give us a call on 0845 2000 741 todiscuss our latest in-house vacancies.

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