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Starting a new job? Get prepared with these tips…

03 December 2019

Congratulations,you’ve secured that perfect role! But your start date is fast approaching and you’re not quite sure how to prepare to WOW your new boss and colleagues.Whilst starting a new job is a super exciting time, we understand that embarking on your new career journey can be a nerve-wracking prospect. So here are a few tips to get you prepared and ease those new-job nerves:

1.      Plan your outfit

That last thing you want on your first day is a total wardrobe meltdown. You're bound to be pre-occupied with the prospect of settling into a new team and learning a new role, so save yourself the stress of choosing your outfit on the day. Carefully select your outfit the night before and make sure that it is ironed and ready to wear. If you’re unsure of the dress code, check with your consultant at New Chapter, but we’d always recommend going smarter rather than casual for your first day. Then you can work out the dress code for yourself and make a more informed decision from then on-wards. The bottom line is to make sure you look presentable, smart and ready to take on whatever your new career throws at you!

2.      Research the company

Whilst you’ve probably already done this when preparing for interview, it’s useful to re-research the company to make sure you’ve not missed anything before your BIG day. Research the company’s mission and values to make sure you’re fully on-board before you start and perhaps research the team on their website to get an idea of who’s who and who does what. If you do this, learning names won't be too much of a challenge on your first day.

3.      Get prepped

It would be useful to drop your new boss an email to find out what you need to prepare for your first day. If you already know this,crack on and make sure it's done. Perhaps it would also be a good idea to find out what's in store for you on your first week to make sure there are no surprises! Not only will this ease your nerves, it shows that you're super interested in the role and means that you will be able to hit the ground running right from the very start.

4.      Rest

Rest up on the weekend prior to your start date to re-fuel your energy and make sure you’re ready to take on the challenges ahead. A bit of a pamper won’t go amiss. It’s important to clear your brain of any negative energy from your previous role, and make sure that you’re positive in approaching your new one. Give your brain a rest from the responsibilities of working life to make sure you’re ready to pick up new ones as soon as you start. Simply re-charge your batteries and get prepared to jump right into your new role.

5.      Practice your commute

We’d recommend practicing your commute – make sure you do this at the same time as when you will be travelling to work. Speaking from experience, who knows what the commute to work can throw at you... cancelled trains, stand-still traffic, road closures. So make sure there’s a back-up option for if your plan A fails.

6.      Stock up on your stationary

There’s nothing better than a good old stationary haul. Coloured pens, notebooks and of course... post-it notes. Stock up prior to your new job to make sure that you have the tools to carry out your role and organise your responsibilities. Show your colleagues how organised you are with your array of stationary and show them that you mean business in your new role.

7.      Speak Up

Be prepared to speak up. If you’re struggling, make sure you ask questions. Include yourself in conversations and meetings and impress your boss and colleagues with your knowledge. Show them that you will be a valued member of the team and that you have something new to bring to the team.

If you're due to start a new role, your consultant is on hand to answer any questions and help ease any nerves. If you want to know howto make the perfect first impression once you start, have a read of our 'First Impressions Count' blog. 

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