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Six Steps to Happiness- How to Achieve Work-Place Happiness

18 December 2018

‘Work-place happiness’… what is it?

For some the meaning is clear, but studies show that not everyone is lucky enough to experience it. In fact, studies have revealed that a total of  25%of the UK population are unhappy in their current job .Does this apply to you?

Does every day feel like Monday?

If so… what can  you  do to beat this unlucky fortune?

Tweak your work-day habits with these six tips and create your own happiness in the work-place. Boosting your mood is the simplest way of feeling happier at work, which is proven to improve focus and productivity and reduce stress, lessening the risk of permanent damage to the body.

Step One- Positivity.

Smile.  It’s not hard to smile and doing so will allow others to perceive you as approachable and kind. Reassure your colleagues with a warm grin and they will return the favour and reassure you too- I know this works for me! If this doesn’t start to increase your happiness in the work-place, then pair this with praise and politeness towards your colleagues and reap the rewards of these happier work-place relationships.

We recommend making a note of three things to be grateful for each day. Reflect on these daily to remind yourself that there really is plenty to be grateful for!

Step Two- Active.

Get active  in your lunch break. As said in the wise words of Elle Woods,

"exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy ".

So, use your lunch break to get some exercise. Even a steady stroll will do. Taking breaks at work is important to prevent burnout, so make sure you reward your hard work with a break to feel refreshed, re-energised and ready to put your all into your role.

Step Three- Happy Foods.

It is no myth that we are what we eat. Foods high in vitamin D have anti-depressant effects, especially mushrooms. Dark chocolate too, is known for its positive effects- it raises endorphins to boost mood. Coffee has been linked to energy and kindness, so make sure you don’t skip your morning brew-you might regret it!

Step Four- Personalise…

…your workspace. Photos, calendars and cards are all good ways of making your workspace truly ‘yours’. A fun work mug would work too so that you to feel at home, at work!

Step Five- Organisation.

Organisation is a key skill to have in the work-place. Planning out daily tasks enables you to know exactly what your day will encounter and provides some clear direction.Arriving at work with a planned-out day reduces stress and allows you to start on tasks as soon as you arrive. So, use this to get the most out of your work-day… and discover a happier work-you.

Step Six- Development.

Opportunity for promotion and career-based development will surely keep you challenged and motivated towards achieving your goals. If you have tried all these strategies and still feel unhappy, then perhaps it may be time to consider new career opportunities...

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