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Should You Stay In Your Current Role?

07 January 2020

According to our recent study, 38% of Drinks industry professionals believe that career progression is the most important factor when searching for a new role, closely followed by 35% of people who believe that salary is an important factor. For the sample of people involved in our study, progression trumps salary when it comes to seeking employment. But there are  many  factors that make a job enjoyable, and we are here to help you assess which are important to you. If they’re not already there in your role, we’re here to help you find them!

Now that individuals are seeking fulfillment within their job, people are changing career paths more often than ever. Career paths are also not as linear as they used to be as individuals are switching roles in order to find satisfaction and enjoyment at work. If you’re not feeling fulfilled each day, maybe it’s time to reassess your options and start looking for a new role. The following considerations will help you assess whether you need to begin searching for a new role, and if you do, should help bring clarity to help you understand what’s important to  you  when seeking your new role. 

Firstly, picture yourself with your current employer five years down the line. Are you where you want to be? Have you achieved what you want to achieve? Or does the thought of being there bring over a HUGE sense of panic? If you see yourself being happy there, kudos to you, we’re happy for you! But if not, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. It’s simply a sign that you should start looking at alternative employment options and perhaps give us a call to discuss your situation.

If there are opportunities ahead of you in your current role, such as training and development, and you feel that these will enable you to grow in your role and continue to be challenged, then perhaps it’s worth sticking around to see what these opportunities bring. However, if you feel that you have got as far as you will in your current role, but you don’t feel that you have filled your potential, then we’d recommend thinking about whether you could seek more challenging opportunities elsewhere.

Does your current job make the most of your skill-set? Or does each day bring a sense of frustration? If your job still continues to push you, then perhaps continue in your role for a little while longer and gain some more experience before reassessing your situation. But if you feel too comfortable with your responsibilities then it could be worth exploring alternative options. And if you feel micromanaged, then search for a role that will offer you the autonomy you need to feel fulfilled. Discuss your needs with us - we’ll make sure that we consider ALL of your needs before contacting you about any potential roles.

If you’ve got the Monday blues EVERY day, and dread waking up to go to work, even beginning to feel ill from the stress of turning up to work, then it’s definitely time to begin exploring your options. However, we 100% recommend securing alternative employment before resigning from your current role as it’s easier to get a job if you’re already in one.

If you feel undervalued, underpaid and are lacking career progression, then give us a call on 0845 2000 741 for a confidential chat with one of our expert recruiters and find out how we can help YOU find your New Chapter. Alternatively, search our jobs and apply today.

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