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Putting your people first: the secret to an award-winning business

02 June 2016

 I’m often asked by fellow business owners within my network to explain the value that winning awards has on the long-term development and success of the business. Following our recent success at being ranked in the top 5 small businesses to work for in the UK by the Great Places to Work Institute, I recently reflected on the positive impact that the award brings to the business…

Attracting Great Talent: Being named as a great place to work quite clearly impacts our ability to attract people to our business. It gives prospective employees the reassurance that our people love working here, that we operate with integrity and that we hold ourselves to the highest standards. 

Engagement and Retention: Winning the award for the second year in a row has greatly influenced the engagement and consequently retention of our people. Each employee participates in the award process and is able to give opinions in confidence to an external organisation that they trust and respect. This fosters a deep sense of inclusion and self-worth that ultimately leads to an engaged, loyal and motivated workforce.

Continual Improvement: The Great Places to Work Institute provides extensive feedback following the assessment period. Covering all aspects of the working environment and culture, we use it to inform and develop our business strategy, refine our employment brand and continually develop our culture in line with our people.

While these are all significant and highly positive benefits that the award process brings to our business, the value extends far beyond our internal culture. 

Winning the award has created a deep sense of pride in our business. And if “you’re” proud of something, “you” naturally want to take care of it, protect its reputation and see it thrive. Our people care about our brand. They care about representing it appropriately and they take pride in the New Chapter name and reputation. This has resulted in a New Chapter team that continually strives to be the best they can be, delivering the very best experience they can to the clients and candidates they work with. 

The awards process has also focused our Management Team on creating a business and career experience that enables our people to reach their full potential. The process has also influenced our focus and we put our people first. By taking care of them, we trust that they will take care of our client and candidate relationships.

We’ve witnessed a marked change in our people’s attitudes towards work in the years that we have been participating in the Great Places to Work awards. Our people are focused on delivery of course, and on meeting targets, but they’re also committed to doing the very best job they can for their clients and candidates. As a result we’ve seen our feedback scores soar - clients tell us that they are delighted with the service we provide, and repeat business/loyalty as well as referrals are at an all time high.

In 2015 we made it onto the great workplaces list ranked in 12th position. This year, we’ve moved up to 5th place. While I’d like to think that one day we’ll achieve the number 1 spot, whether we move up or down the rankings over the years to come the one thing I am certain of is the positive impact that the process provides to the health of our culture and business.

Adrian Dalby
Managing Director

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