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Playful Office Environments - Fad or Future

04 February 2014

Playful office environments - fad or future?

33 percent of FMCG/Consumer businesses in the UK have developed trendy office environments in order to attract and retain the best talent, and a high percentage (88 percent) say that they’re proud to work in this type of environment as we discovered in our latest research “Playful office environments – fad or future?” released 4 th February 2014. This finding is in sharp contrast to the levels of satisfaction experienced amongst people who work in a more formal environment.

New Chapter commissioned the research because of the high levels of exposure some FMCG/Retail brands are getting relating to their office environments. We thought it would be interesting to see whether trendy offices and relaxed business environments help attract and retain people, and whether businesses within our sector should consider adopting a more relaxed way of working if they are to compete for the best talent.

The research, which surveyed 405 professionals across the FMCG/Consumer market focuses on three key areas: fun activities in the office such as chill out rooms and games tables, dress code at work and finally the televised screening of sporting or world events.

On dress code, only 20% of people surveyed currently wear formal attire to work and 57% stated that organisations with a relaxed dress code would be more attractive to perspective employees –not for reasons of comfort but because a relaxed dress code was seen as an indication of a more balanced employment offering.

The general consensus seems to be that the trend towards a more informal working environment is gaining momentum.The key issue the research raises for organisations within our market is the need to address the balance between a fun place to work and business productivity.But there’s no evidence to suggest that relaxed office environments lead to casual attitudes to work and ultimately, the employment brand of an organisation is critically important in the competition for the finest talent.

For more information or to download a full copy of the research white paper “Relaxed Office Environments,Fad or Future?” please CLICK HERE.

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