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New Chapter’s New Chapter….

19 June 2017

We moved into our new home recently - it’s been quite a journey from our first office in 2004 – a three person shared space that was (in traditional start up fashion) still quite a squeeze. You can see that first office from one of the (huge) windows and serves as a great reminder as to how far we’ve come.

From day one we wanted to create an environment where people loved coming to work and cared not only about their success but also the success of everyone else in the company. I've no doubt now we've created the best office environment to work in Leeds, one that we can all be proud to call our home and will help make us an employer of choice attracting the best in our sector.

However, what will make this a truly great place to work isn't the pool table or the Xbox. It's what we all do on a day to day basis, it's about living the rules and values that make New Chapter an amazing place to work.We are proud of our office and our team – we’d love to see you – please do come and visit whenever you are in Leeds.

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