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New Chapter Promotions

14 September 2016

A huge congratulations to both Fraser Craig and Lauren Pettifor who have recently been promoted from Senior Recruitment Consultant to Business Manager.

Having been in his last role as Senior Recruitment Consultant for 3 years, Fraser has seen New Chapter grow from 10 to 35 over the past 6 years and believes that he has contributed towards the growth and success of the company. He believes his hard work, dedication and success put him in a great position to be promoted to Business Manager - Food Sales.

As part of the London Sales & Marketing team, Fraser currently manages a team of 3 consultants covering all food categories and delivered wholesale. Personally, he works with food start-ups and SMEs in London and the surrounding areas. He is particularly passionate about the service levels at New Chapter, and strongly believes in New Chapter’s position to help clients save time and money, and to find the best available candidate for the role. Fraser focusses on service levels to candidates, and says that his only frustration is that he wishes there was a way to help everyone!

A very ambitious person, Fraser understands that there is a clear pathway for his personal development at New Chapter. Divisional Manager is on the horizon and he is also very focused on getting each member of his fantastic team promoted. The promotion structure at New Chapter shows a clear structure and progression is based on living the New Chapter Values; passion, knowledge, excellence, success, integrity and people.

Lauren has also been promoted to Business Manager - New Product Development & Technical Recruitment. Having previously spent just over 1.5 years as a Senior Consultant, during her time as Senior Consultant, Lauren maintained 100% of her target and developed a team beneath her within the Technical & NPD sectors. The team has continued to grow as we welcome Alistair Coe to the team as of September, Alistair is looking after all things FMCG packaging.

Lauren continues to specialise in Technical & New Product Development within the FMCG industry, and has also recently taken on the Packaging function with Alistair’s assistance. The team cover all of the UK, Europe and several international locations including Australia, USA and the Middle East.

Her future ambitions are to continue to grow her team within the UK and to open an international branch for New Chapter in the not too distant future.

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