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National Pie Week: Our Favourite UK Pie Brands

12 March 2020

With the meat pie originating from our friends over in Australia and New Zealand, it’s interesting that pies have become such a huge staple of British society. But here at NC HQ, we LOVE a good old meat, or a time old fruit pie, so we’re giving you the low down on the best pies that Great Britain has to offer in no particular order (we love them ALL).

1.      Fray Bentos

The iconic British pie brand like no other. Founded in the nineteenth century in Uruguay, this tinned pie brand, now owned by Baxters and produced it Scotland, can be found on tables at dinner time up and down the country. With flavours including steak and kidney, steak and gravy, vegetable Balti, cheese and onion, minced beef and onion and chicken, there really is something for everyone. Convenient and delicious. Rumour has it that the Queen once enjoyed a Fray Bentos at 30,000 feet. How about that.

2.      Pukka pies

Formerly known as “Trevor Storer’s Homemade Pies”, Pukka pies received its current name in 1964 and has since become a popular staple in many household fridges. This Leicestershire based brand has grown in size, but they’re still the same old independent family company they were over 50 years ago. These pies can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime… you can get your hands on them in supermarkets, fish and chip shops and 40 football grounds across the UK. These guys are in the top tier of pie legendaryness. Pukka, you’re the true pie of the people. 

3.      Higgidy

A rather late addition to the party, Higgidy’s pies bring a groovy twist to the traditional meat pie. Founded in 2003 with a vision to make feel-good family food that will please even the fussiest of crowds. These pimped up pies are delivering some DELICIOUS flavour combinations. From chicken and chorizo to cauliflower cheese and broccoli (to name just two) each of these pies are truly scrumptious. And with vegan options too, these guys are taking the inclusivity factor the very next level. 

4.      Pie Minister

The real pie Kings, these guys offer every flavour combination known to man and have christened their goods with the coolest of names. These guys bring a modern twist to the humble British pie. Made in Bristol, they’ve been making pies for 15 years and are renowned for their award winning, ethically sourced pies from heaven. They’re serving up their pies in 15 restaurants around the country and if this wasn’t exciting enough, they now offer a pie bottomless brunch! A delicious pie served with UNLIMITED cocktails, prosec and pints of Pie.P.A… what a dream.

5.      Mr Kipling

Slightly different to the rest, Mr Kipling is famous for its sweet baked goods, and their Bramley Apple Pies are TO DIE for. Containing real chunks of Bramley apple, these pies are exceedingly good. Perfect for a delicious desert, quick afternoon treat or bedtime snack. Whatever the occasion, Mr Kipling has got us covered. With pastry that melts in the mouth filled with appley goodness, Mr Kipling have nailed this flavour combination. We’re all partial to a Mr Kipling apple pie.

6.      Hollands

Perhaps not as well known as the likes of Fray Bentos and Pukka, but just as tasty. Hollands have been around for a huge 160 years. With 7 out of 10 people in the North West eating pies, pasties or puddings, 6 out of 10 of these choose Hollands. What a result! They’re famous for their rich, tasty fillings, traditional baking methods and unique short crust pastry. So next time you’re at the supermarket, in your local chippy or at the footie, be sure to pick up a Hollands pie and experience the true taste of Lancashire.

7.      Samworth Brothers

Samworth have been making pastry products since 1824. Renowned for the Melton Mowbray pork pie heritage brands, Dickinson & Morris and Walker & Son these guys are providing the UK with scrumptious pork pies. For this family run business, quality is a way of life and they’re focused on delivering great chilled and ambient foods, including yummy pork pies and we are so, so grateful.

8.      Dicksons

Family favourites since 1953, this Tyne and Wear business are a leading family-run manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of own recipe and meat products… including pies! They’re proud of their North Eastern heritage and are passionate about creating the finest products. Whilst they don’t offer as wide a variety of pies as some of the other brands, they don’t compromise on quality with their steak pies, mince pies and pork pies. You can get your hands on these in their stores, in supermarkets and even online so check them out.

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