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Medical professionals intent on finding new jobs within the next six months…

02 September 2014

In 2013 New Chapter released “Dreaming of a New Life” – research that assessed the engagement levels of medical sales professionals across the UK.

The results showed that a significant 71% of medical sales professionals did not want to go to work each day. Additionally, when asked: “does your boss inspire you?” (A key question in assessing employee engagement) 64% of those surveyed said No!

One year on, we believe it’s time to re-look at this data and assess what, if any affect the demotivation expressed in last year’s findings has had on job stability and movement.

We’re moving on!

In July 2014, medical sales professionals now tell us they’re on the move, withover 50% planning to switch the companies they work for within the next six months compared to just 32% in 2013. While it’s common to find high levels of potential job movement within sales environments, this result could highlight a potential future crisis for the medical sales profession.

If 50% do, as they say they plan to, change jobs within the second half of 2014, business owners and HR professionals within the sector will face some tough challenges in the months ahead.

We’ll find a new job easily!

Not only do sales people plan to be on the move in the next six months, the survey also revealed that almost 55% of those who plan to move believe they’ll find their next role easily, and within a period of just three months.

In the first quarter of 2013, with the UK still creeping out of the recession, employment confidence was low. These findings illustrate a renewed faith in the job market and while people may have been happy to “stay put” in favour of job security – one year on, their confidence is having the opposite effect.

What does this mean for businesses?

To some these findings will set off alarm bells. Unless medical employers have astrong understanding of what makes their people happy, and how motivated and engaged they are – the future impact of our recent findings is unknown and potentially highly damaging.

To others, these findings represent an opportunity. Employers of choice, with strong employment brands and a highly motivated and loyal workforce will see this as a chance to strengthen their businesses by attracting and recruiting the best people.

A renewed focus on employee brand, engagement and motivation

Employee engagement is critical to the success of any business. Happy, committed people are instrumental in fulfilling corporate ambitions. The correlation between employee engagement and desirable business outcomes such as the retention of talent, customer service levels, individual and team performance levels, business productivity and financial performance is well documented.

Over the coming months, New Chapter Medical will be releasing a series of helpful papers to advise and help businesses approach employee engagement in the most effective way. To stay connected, receive updates and advice from our employment brand specialists, please email 

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