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Market Review

24 April 2014

From our recent Salary Survey (results to be published shortly) we discovered that 73%of people were either highly confident or confident in securing a new role in 2014 and of those people 63% were expecting that new role to be at a different company to where they were currently working. But do these expectations match the current market trends?

From analysis of the job boards and applications we’re pleased to report a significant rise in Consumer Goods roles being advertised. Sales positions increased by 24% and Marketing roles by 28% since January 2014.

The Operations side of the Consumer Goods market has also seen substantial growth across all job functions especially the Health and Safety sector which saw positions advertised up by 36%. The increase in job opportunities is fantastic news fort hose embarking on a career search. We’ve also noticed that there’s been a decrease of 35% for applications to Technical and Development roles across the quarter.

The Retail job market hasn’t seen as strong growth across the quarter when compared to Consumer Goods. This was caused by a major dip in Visual Merchandising roles which were down 11% from January. Head Office, Store Management and Buying positions all saw increases of 13% and Design roles remained stationary.

Looking at the market as a whole the growth in roles being advertised across the Consumer Goods sector remains steady at 20% for Sales and Marketing functions and 19% for Operations and Production. Despite the drop in Visual Merchandising roles the Retail sector has seen an increase of 7%. The overall upsurge in jobs being advertised makes now an ideal time to review the market and see if your dream roles waiting for you!  

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