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Is it time to start looking for a new job?

10 April 2019

How do you really know if it’s time to look for a new job? Do you feel depressed, undervalued and overworked? If so, this just can’t go on. And if there are no signs of this changing and your talent is simply been overlooked, then we think you are definitely in need of a change. 

Your work should be meaningful and should provide you with the space and tools to really make a difference. So how can you be certain that moving into a new role is the right thing to do? Here are our five areas of reassessment to give you the best insight into whether it’s the right time to take that dreaded leap in your career. 

1. The ‘Sunday Night Dread’! 

If you fear the thought of getting up on a Monday morning then surely it’s time to reconsider. And if when you do finally drag yourself into work you struggle to concentrate, then we are hear to listen to you to find a better fit to your career needs. 

Daydreaming or putting things off at work does not just make your ‘To-do list’ longer, it also affects your personal skills. In fact, according to research, 29% of people don’t want to go to work more often than they do want to, and this to us, is just an unimaginable phenomenon. 

2. Your Potential is Not Valued 

You must also value yourself and the work you do, and if your employer doesn’t appreciate you, then it’s time for change. It seems that a disappointing 45% of people said they rarely or never feel valued at work. Your employer needs to be aware of your capabilities and allow you to share your ideas. 

In any job, your employer should manage your talent development and lay out the means by which to reach your full potential. Mentoring and support is key to progression and progression is key to satisfaction. If this isn’t the case, we can help you find an employer that will offer opportunity for progression and development to get that happy work you back in tip top condition. 

3. Loss of Purpose and Passion 

Truly believing in what you do will give you a real sense of purpose at work, and without this, why bother? Granted, we all go to work to pay the mortgage (or fund that champagne lifestyle), but there should be more to work than this. Financial benefits and other work perks are not enough, you need to feel a real sense of excitement and significance in what you are doing in order to feel like you can pursue your long term career goals. 

As a leader, your manager should bring out the very best in your, but there’s more to being a good leader than this. Your manager should inspire and motivate you to deliver, and be the real driving force behind your success. A grand total of 37% rarely or never feel inspired by their managers so get yourself into a position where you can, and become the 63% of people that do. 

4. Lack of Progression 

It is important that your workplace invests in your professional development to aid both personal and financial growth. If there are no opportunities for progression then how are you supposed to be able to grow and advance in your career? 

Personal development is one of the most important things that people value from work, so you need to be in a role where you will be challenged with opportunities to growth further, but all with the support of the experts. 

5. Insufficient Rewards 

Take some time to identify the rewards that are important to you. Is this a gym lunch, professional development or flexible working including an early Friday finish? 

If you’re unsure on what to expect, spend some time researching the most common rewards according to industry standards. Research shows that basic salary is not as important as we would think. Is this important to you? Perhaps your most important factors fall more in line with personal development, recognition and being valued. 

Whilst these 5 points highlight the key areas of job satisfaction, staying motivated and loyal is key with whatever you choose to pursue. If you’re certain that change is right for you, but you’re not certain on where to start your search, our team of expert recruiters would love to help you. 

If you feel that we can offer the support to help you find that perfect role, give us a call on 0845 2000 741 to discuss your career prospects with New Chapter. #timeforchange.

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