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Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Behaviour

10 July 2019

The use of celebrity endorsement has been a keymarketing method since the eighteenth century, and a recent rise in the use andimportance of social media has prompted this kind of endorsement to become aprominent feature of brand marketing. Brand collaborations with celebrities havebecome a time old trick to increase brand awareness and product sales. And weas consumers, are certainly falling for it! I can’t remember the lasttime my Instagram feed wasn’t filled with celebrity posts advertising a widerange of products… from makeup and weight loss to household and cleaningproducts. And guess what… I buy it!

Just as I am, I’m sure you’re notunfamiliar with this. Our TVs, cinema screens, billboards and social mediafeeds are full of celebrities advertising products. I’m sure you’ll have seenNestle’s Nespresso advert featuring George Clooney. And if you’re a Love Islandfan, you’ll have definitely seen ex-islanders promoting products via photos ontheir Insta accounts. It is everywhere!

The UK’s Competition and MarketsAuthority (CAM) has published consumer protection laws to ensure thatcelebrities clearly declare if they have paid to promote the products, orwhether the products have been gifted to them from promotion, so keep an eyeout for this when you’re scrolling through your feed before you decide whetherto invest in a product for yourself.

But how exactly do celebrity endorsements increaseconsumers’ likelihood to invest in their brand?

Celebrity endorsements positively impact buying behaviourand make products much more memorable. This kind of influencer marketingincreases consumers’ awareness and familiarity of, and trust in, brands,escalating brand awareness dramatically. Research has revealed that we aresubconsciously more interested in brands that are endorsed by celebrities as webelieve that purchasing these products will enable us to emulate theirdesirable traits, allowing us to be more like them. Due to this, companies canbe confident of guaranteed advertising for their product and can repositiontheir brand in new markets, to new audiences.

Whilst the benefits of this kind of endorsement are most definitelyrewarding, using celebrities in advertising brings with it the dangers ofcelebrity scandal. If endorsed celebrities are involved in scandals, this canin fact have a negative effect on the image of the brand, pejorativelyimpacting sales. Likewise, if celebrities are involved in endorsing multipleproducts, it begins to raise questions as to whether these celebrities have agenuine interest the products, and this can undermine customer faith inproducts.

However… overall, the use of celebrities humanises brands,effectively increasing product sales. The use of celebrity endorsement remainsa popular means of influencer marketing for a variety of brands. It helps beatproduct competition meaning it’s a win-win solution to marketing products.

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