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How to Choose the Best Candidate for the Job

21 October 2019

Hiring new talent for your business is a challenging task. There’s so much at stake and a wrong hire could set you back massively in terms of your business’ revenue, so it’s essential that you make the right choice. Whilst we are here to guide you through the recruitment and selection process, we thought we would put together a guide to help you when it comes to selecting the perfect candidate for your business so that you can make an informed final decision when it comes to offering a candidate.

Firstly, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you want from your new hire. Have a think of what skills are essential in the role and understand what behaviours and traits will really seal the deal for you. Map out your dream candidate. It is also important to offer a competitive salary and benefits package for the role to ensure that you attract the very best talent. Once you have agreed this with your HR team, it us useful to review it with your consultant as they have extensive knowledge of your industry and know what works best when attracting new talent.

It is important to understand that the whole recruitment process takes time. Rushing the process could result in hiring someone who looks good on paper but doesn’t deliver once they are in the role. Pressure can negatively impact decisions and wrong decisions can be costly to your business. Our consultants will pre-screen candidates ensuring that you only see the very best of the bunch of applicants, freeing up more time for you to screen candidates before offering interviews. This means that you can thoroughly unpick candidates’ skills and experiences.

Alongside skills and qualifications, it is important to gauge the personality of your candidates. It is important for candidates to fit your business culturally, so take this into account when selecting the successful candidate.You can do this by asking questions during interview to identify the candidates’ soft skills. Does the candidate understand what makes your company unique? If you’re unsure, ask them. It’s also important to create an environment where candidates can be themselves when interviewing so you truly get the most out of the time that you’re spending with them. Focus on gauging their attitude and key attributes such as ability to work in a team and punctuality. A good way to understand your candidate is to ask them to speak about their interests. Uncovering their passion speaks volumes about their character and enables you to understand them and what they can bring to your business.

In order to understand your candidate beyond what it says on their CV,it is useful to give them a problem to solve in or prior to interview. This enables you to analyse how they evaluate information, develop processes and find solutions to problems. You can base your job offer on this info as it gives you more of an insight into your candidates’ abilities than the way they describe it for themselves. By doing this, you can put their self-proclaimed skills to the test!

Take time to make your decision and thoroughly think it through and be willing to start over if you haven’t found your dream candidate this time. Try and understand what the candidate will bring to your company/team and how their skills would benefit the business. Once you have selected your successful candidate, write an offer letter to let them know the good news but don’t forget to send letters to unsuccessful candidates!

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