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20 June 2017

It’s nearly time for our end of year conference – also the time that we commit to our next year’s charity. We are looking for a cause that will inspire us to raise the funds we found for our chosen cause this year.  

When visiting India in 2015, Rachael Carver (Divisional Manager at New Chapter) met a 5-year-old girl called Aishwarya playing on the street during Diwali. Despite having nothing, Aishwarya helped Rachael with an act of human kindness that moved us all (read the full story here).

Her adopted mother had been rejected by her family for raising a child that is not her own, leaving her without 
support and she was unable to pay her rent or pay for Aishwarya to go to school.

This year we raised money for Aishwarya that helped her get into a rented home, supported her schooling, education and overall gave her the stability required to have a better start in these critical early stages of life. We are looking forward to continuing this support and keeping in touch with her now and in the future.

We are now looking for suggestions for our next charity and would love to hear your suggestions – please do let us know. 

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