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From the US to New Chapter - Introducing Clif Bar

12 November 2019

Earlier this month the energy bar Gods answered our prayers with an exciting delivery of the finest energy bars that the industry has to offer. These bars of energy goodness are organic, sustainable and truly delicious. The holy grail of energy bars, aka Clif Bar, brought our team endless days of joyous snack time AND lots of energy to boost their gym lunches and give them lots of brain power to help them find amazing talent for lots of great businesses.

Founded in 1986 by baker and former mountain guide Gary Erickson, Clif Bar have been serving up some nutritious and delicious bars with wholesome, organic and energising ingredients to get even the most active of bodies going! And if tasty and healthy bars weren’t enough, this brand focuses on sustainability in business, people, communities and the planet. Now that is some serious CSR!

So following our exciting delivery of these organic plant based goodies, we asked the team for their opinion! Here is what they had to say…

Andrew Baker – Business Manager

"Clif Bar have by far and away the best tasting protein/energy snack I’ve tried. They are very much made for somebody with an active on-the-go lifestyle however could easily pass as just a snack for the more casual consumer.

My personal favourite was the Muesli bar but the choc chip was pretty special too! Highly recommended!”

Luke McDonnell – Senior Consultant

"I had never really heard off Clif Bar in the UK, but I don’t know why! The products are made, packaged and marketed fantastically.When you think of protein bars there were other brands that come to mind.However my opinion and mindset has now changed, these protein bars don’t taste stodgy like others normally do and they come in a decent size bar. The variety of flavours caters to most people’s tastes but my favourite has to be crunchy peanut butter! Followed closely by Alpine Muesli mix! Congratulations Clif Baron making waves in the UK protein bar market"

Emily Jaggar – Associate Consultant

"The Clif Bar was delicious! It was so much better than I expected, particularly the chocolate and peanut butter flavour. I expected a standard energy bar taste, eating for need rather than enjoyment. In reality it was a great snack and I love the concept behind it too."

Thom Clarke – Senior Consultant

"I tried every single one and they’re all brilliant.They taste great, they give a good kick of energy. I’ve been taken them cycling and to football matches to boost my energy and feel like they’re working. The branding is also excellent – it’s got that vintage explorer feel to it."

Ellie Taylor – Marketing Executive

"From previous experiences with energy bars I wasn’t looking forward to trying these ones, but they were amazing! I would be likely to buy these as they tasted good but had a much better texture than all the usual ones you find in stores. Good work Clif Bar"

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