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First Impressions Count: A Quick Guide to Making a Good First Impression

07 December 2018

Here at New Chapter we know how nerve-wracking it is to start a new job. Here’s a quick guide to make sure your new career transition is as seamless as possible because, as we are often reminded, first impressions do absolutely count. We never get a second chance to make a first impression, so take control of your own new chapter by following these three simple steps:

Dress appropriately. Your outfit speaks volumes about your disposition. Dressing professionally on your first day will certainly impress your new boss and colleagues in your new job. Work out the appropriate dress code (ask your employer if necessary!) and do not assume that your role requires you to dress smart.  We have noticed our clients taking different approaches to how they expect their employees to dress for work. 

In terms of workplace likeability, nobody likes a bad attitude. Strike and influence your new colleagues with positivity. Be keen, confident and helpful and your team will welcome you into your role, making sure that you will settle in quickly and comfortably. We asked our team what they appreciate in a colleague and punctuality, politeness, and a positive work ethic surfaced as well valued attributes so focus on this and you can’t go far wrong. 

Ask questions. Asking the ‘right’ questions shows interest and a keenness to be successful. By ‘right’, we mean relevant and purposeful- not about what was on TV last night! Whilst employees appreciate initiative, asking questions is necessary to master your new role and carry it out effectively. A study conducted by Harvard Business School suggests that asking questions in the workplace may cause others to view you as more engaged and intelligent- a win win situation! 

Most importantly, approach your new career opportunity with an open mind and don’t be too hard on yourself. Treat every day as though it is your first day and continue to challenge yourself. Be yourself- your employer hired YOU, so have faith in your abilities and the rest will soon follow. 

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