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Dealing with interview rejection

04 January 2016

The holiday season is a time for celebration, but it is also the time when many of us take stock of our lives, think about what we want for our future and form new plans to reach our ambitions. This means a new job and the recruitment industry experiences its greatest annual peak in the first few months of each year.

The New Year peak in activity leads to a huge increase in the number of interviews undertaken by candidates throughout January and February – and with that, the number of rejections also increases.

Being rejected after an interview can seem like the end of the world and can seriously harm your confidence. It’s never a pleasant experience yet most of us at some point in our careers will experience rejection. If you’re planning to change jobs this New Year, read our tips to dealing with interview rejection to ensure you're prepared should it happen, and to ensure you make the most from each interview experience.

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