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5 Top Tips for Graduates new to LinkedIn

14 December 2017

Traditionally, LinkedIn’s demographic hasn’t been suited to graduates and millennials, who mainly focus on other social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Only 13% of 15-34 year olds use LinkedIn in general, never mind every day whilst 87% of online users aged 18-29 are on Facebook.

Hey,we have all been there - LinkedIn can be confusing. Making it work for you takes time and getting the most out of it takes effort. But from my experience following these easy steps made my experience a little smoother.

1. Don’t be afraid to add everyone.
Adding connections helps you in plenty of ways. Having an interesting and focused homepage will help you develop and build on your industry experience as well as getting your name out to influential people in your industry.

If you are stuck on where to start finding those influential people - what job do you want to have in 3, 5, 10 years? In what industry or company? Search for those people, look at what roles they have held to get to that position. Search for Talent, HR and Recruiters in your industry. Search for your old managers,old colleagues and teachers.

2. While you are at it - add a note.
Yes,it takes more time but if you want really senior profiles to pay attention to you - put in the effort. You have limited characters so make it punchy. Are you inspired by their career path or would you love any and advice to get you there? Tell them. Are you wanting to intern with them and explore options? Tell them. There are over 39 million students and recent grads on LinkedIn, what is going to make you stand out?

3. Stay up to date with companies by following them.
Go back to that list of companies that you would love to work for, search for them and click follow. All their posts, jobs and updates will come on to your feed.Any new ad campaigns or product ranges will come straight to you! These can be brilliant ice breakers, emailing or messaging someone about their new product and how much you love it will get a warmer response.  

4. Keep up the momentum.
The more connections you have the better. You will be more visible on timelines and stand out more in ‘connections you may know’. This means that more people will be adding you, so in the long run = less work. If you are on the train or bus,use that time to mass add new connections (but remember to make them personal).

5. Download the APPS.
Download both the LinkedIn and the Jobs apps. Having these at easy access is a major tip. You can add people with one tap and get job notifications for the companies you want to be a part of. It means you can be proactive and get those applications in before everyone else (but make sure you personalise them).

What are your thoughts? Will LinkedIn ever be the go-to for graduates on social media, or will it always be little understood?

Elizabeth Fletcher-Byers, heads up the NPD desk at New Chapter Consulting Limited.Elizabeth is passionate about Product Development and Innovation within Food Manufacturing, she is always available for a chat on 01134 689 104

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