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As a values-led organisation, New Chapter Consulting Ltd (NCC) is committed to the prime importance of acting ethically in the interests of all stakeholders within the societies in which we operate. We have developed a CSR policy that sets out our commitment towards:

  • PEOPLE: Our own employees and the candidates and clients that we work with
  • PLACE: Our commitment to the wider community within which we operate
  • PLANET: Our commitment to the wider world and environment


1.1 A Values Based Approach

We commit to operating in a valued-driven manner with all key stakeholders of our business. These values underpin our operational guidelines and remind us that we have a responsibility to act with integrity and respect in dealing with each other, our clients, candidates and all third parties that we engage with. Our values are:

People – It’s all about people! A company is only as good as the people it employs. That’s why we’re dedicated to finding the best talent for our clients, the best careers for our candidates and to giving our people, candidates and clients the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Integrity – Everything we do is guided by a strong set of moral and ethical principles that ensure fairness and respect for all. By operating to the highest professional standards we build trust with our clients, candidates, suppliers and employees.

Knowledge – We are experts in our specialist areas and of talent acquisition techniques. We partner with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business, culture and the behaviours that lead their people to success. We constantly seek to improve our knowledge and to find better ways of working.

Passion – We take great pride in what we do and what we have already achieved. We’re passionate about making a difference to our clients, candidates and employees. We create a positive, energising and fun environment.

Excellence – Good just isn’t good enough, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We have an unfaltering commitment to deliver the best service to everyone.

Success – What we do, we do well. We have a winning culture, set high standards and go the extra mile to deliver results. We have a clear line of sight to our objectives and how we will get there. We succeed as a team and celebrate together when we do.

1.2 The New Chapter Promise

At NCC we believe that a set of values is meaningless unless they underpin how we operate each time we deal with each other and with external parties. As such we have created “The New Chapter Promise” – a set of service standards, for each of our key stakeholder groups – employees, candidates and clients.

We promise our clients….

- To act according to our company values; we recognise that we have a responsibility to act ethically and responsibly at all times.

- To work with you, not against you; we don’t directly approach our partners’ employees*.

- To get it right; our confidence in our work is supported by an industry leading 6 month guarantee**.

- To be in this for the long term ; we’re not simply interested in fee generation, we recognise that we have a responsibility to secure you individuals that will deliver long-term success for your business and help you fulfil your corporate ambitions

- To truly listen; we understand that we can’t advise you before we understand you, your business culture and its objectives.

- To be straight talking; we’ll talk to you openly and honestly in your language and not in the jargon of our world, we’ll challenge your thinking in a constructive way and provide you with honest feedback.

- To make it easy for you – We put in the hours and hard work so that you can focus on your job.

- To represent your brand as if it was our own; we recognise that when we approach the market any dealings we have on your behalf reflects your brand; we treat this responsibility with the upmost respect

*Partner is defined as a client that we have a signed formal agreement in place and have been active with in the last 12 months ** Subject to terms and conditions

We promise our candidates…..

- To act according to our company values; we recognise that we have a responsibility to act ethically and responsibly at all times.

- To respect your confidentiality; we will never reveal your identity to a client without your agreement.

- To keep you updated; as soon as we know, you’ll know.

- To listen; we understand that we can’t advise you before we understand you and what future ambitions you have.

- To offer advice based on what’s right for you in the long run, not for a short term win for us.

- To support you; we will offer advice, preparation and expert knowledge at each stage of the recruitment process.

- To be straight talking; we’ll talk to you openly and honestly in your language and not in the jargon of our world, we’ll challenge your thinking in a constructive way and provide you with honest feedback.

We promise our employees…..

- To act according to our company values at all times.

- To provide you with the tools and training to fulfil your potential.

- To reward your success.

- To support your learning objectives.

- To listen to you and involve you in the future direction of our business.

- To create an environment for you to thrive in.

- To be open about our strategy, performance and your performance.

- To understand and support your personal ambitions as well as your career ambitions.

- To never stand still.

1.3 Equal Opportunities

New Chapter Consulting Ltd is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees and candidates. It ensures that no employee, potential employee or candidate shall receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, marital status, sexual orientation, race, colour, religion or belief, nationality or ethnic or national origin.

We will not treat an employee, prospective employee or candidate less favourably for any reason relating to disability or their requirement for part time or fixed time work. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all disabled individuals are able to participate in our business activities on an equal basis with people who are not disabled.

All employees are responsible for complying with this policy and for ensuring that the standards of behaviour required by the company are fully observed by:

  • Treating others on their merits and disassociating themselves from any form of direct or indirect discrimination, victimisation or harassment.
  • Bringing to the attention of their Line Manager any suspected working practice in breach of this policy.
  • Working together to promote a harmonious working environment free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.

1.4 Human Rights and Child Labour

NCC supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We uphold the freedom of association and recognises the right to collective bargaining.

NCC does not utilise or promote forced or child labour of any kind. We strictly adhere to country laws governing labour standards.

1.5 Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Harassment

All employees are entitled to work in an environment which respects their personal dignity and which is free from any form of harassment, bullying or any other type of intimidation. Harassment, whether on the grounds of sex, race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin, religion or belief, or age, disability, sexual orientation, being in an inferior position in terms of power or hierarchy (leading to bullying), willingness to challenge harassment (leading to victimisation) or otherwise will not be tolerated.

1.6 Workplace Health & Safety

New Chapter Consulting Ltd aims to provide each employee with a safe place to work. We take all reasonable practicable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees and any other people working on our premises.

All office locations are required to abide by local health and safety regulations.

1.7 Diversity

We greatly value the differences among our employees and promote an environment within which all people, no matter what their background, are encouraged to reach their full potential. We actively recruit people from diverse backgrounds as we believe that this encourages creativity and innovation.


We aim to have a positive impact on our community and society by developing programmes and activities that allow us to contribute to the betterment of those who share them with us. These programmes include:

2.1 Charitable Giving

Our nominated charity for 2015/16 is “The Cystic Fibrosis Trust”. The Trust was chosen as the 2015/16 charity on the basis of a fair and inclusive employee vote. Regular charitable events and activities are held to raise funds for this charity including but not limited to:

  • Dress down days; employees pay to wear casual clothing on nominated days
  • Sponsored individual challenges; NCC supports those employees wishing to participate in a sponsored event for our nominated charity – from both “financial” and “time” perspectives
  • £10 donation to Tomorrow’s People by New Chapter for every placement made

2.2 Community Activities

NCC aims to be actively involved in the wider community by using its skills and expertise to help and assist people in issues of employment. We do this by:

  • School career days – talking and advising young people on their career paths and how to fulfil their potential
  • Events – showcasing career path options for people not in employment or in need of career advice and assistance

2.3 Charitable Gift Days

As a further commitment and illustration of the commitment we place on helping the community and on the value this has to our employees, we provide each employee with two days of annual leave per year to be used doing charitable works of their choice. This is in addition to the enhanced annual leave entitlement that they receive as part of their employment terms.


New Chapter Consulting Limited is fully committed to the principles of environmental sustainability and recognises its potential impact on the environment.

We recognise that our activities, whilst a service company, still result in the generation of waste and emissions and we commit to reducing our carbon footprint by ensuring that a responsible policy is adopted when sourcing materials and stock, and when disposing of waste products and equipment.

We promote and raise awareness of good environmental practices amongst employees, including:

  • Turning off lights and electrical equipment when not in use
  • Considering whether hardcopy printouts are required
  • Ensuring conformance to relevant legislation;
  • Promoting a purchasing policy which, where practicable, favours products and services which cause the least harm to the environment
  • Recycling all waste using recognised recycling facilities
  • Returning empty photocopier/printer toner cartridges to the supplier or to a recognised agency for recycling
  • Disposing of redundant equipment and office furniture to second hand users
  • Ensuring electrical equipment is tested on a regular basis to maintain energy efficiency as well as safety
  • The use of video and telephone conferencing to reduce the need for travelling between offices
  • If travel is necessary, then encouraging employees to use public transport when visiting other offices

This environmental policy applies to all of our operations and all employees have a responsibility to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.