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Doing good on top of doing well

As a values-led organisation, New Chapter Consulting Ltd is committed to the prime importance of acting ethically in the interests of all stakeholders within the societies in which we operate. We have developed a CSR policy that sets out our commitment towards:

PEOPLE: Our own employees and the candidates and clients that we work with. We underpin our dealings with all people with a values-driven approach and a promise for service excellence that is unrivalled in the market. We are an equal opportunities employer, and have a clear diversity policy. To read more about our commitment to people, please CLICK HERE to read our full CSR policy.

PLANET: New Chapter Consulting Limited is fully committed to the principles of environmental sustainability and recognises its potential impact on the environment. We promote and raise awareness of good environmental practices amongst employees. To read more about how we incorporate our environmental policies into our everyday operations, please CLICK HERE to read our full CSR policy.

PLACE: We aim to have a positive impact on our community and society by developing programmes and activities that allow us to contribute to the betterment of those who share them with us. These programmes include charitable giving and community activities. We even provide our employees with 2 days of additional annual leave for charitable activities. To read more about our work in the community please CLICK HERE to read our full CSR policy.


We are delighted to announce that following a company vote, we will be sponsoring a little girl called Aishwarya.

When visiting India in 2015, Rachael Carver (Divisional Manager at New Chapter) met a 5-year-old girl called Aishwarya playing on the street during Diwali - the festival of light; which is celebrated all around the world by lighting candles and fireworks.

Once Rachael and her family had finished lighting their firecrackers, Aishwarya noticed the disappointment on their faces  and asked her father (a shop assistant) to give them some more so they could continue to celebrate and have fun.

We recently found out Aishwarya was adopted and that her adopted father died in a road accident a few months ago. Her adopted mother has been rejected by her family for raising a child that is not her own, leaving her without support and she is unable to pay her rent or pay for Aishwarya to go to school.

Hundreds of millions of people in India are trapped by caste and gender discrimination and by the cycle of poverty which results in child labour and therefore no education.

• Half of all children in India are malnourished

• One out of every three girls growing up will not finish primary school

• 60% of adults unable to read or write.

Aishwarya has very little however, this doesn't stop her from giving to others. Therefore, we have decided to sponsor Aishwarya this year. The money we raise will go towards her rent so she has a home, for her schooling so she has an education, as well as her healthcare and living costs.